feebs | 18 | hobby artistcommissions: open!

frequently asked questions

what i use
tablet: ipad w/ procreate
brushes: defaults: HB pencil, nikko rull · kanto & kaveri ink, vino drybrush · pva glue
reposts: NO reposts please!
icon/header: OK (w/ credit)
wallpaper: OK
video edit: OK (w/ credit)


all prices are in USD, and for finished artwork.
headshot: $45
bust: $60
thigh-up: $90
full body: $120
additional character: +85% of base price
NSFW: +50% of base price
illustration (complex background): $150+these are base prices - complex/detailed requests may merit extra costs. if additional charges apply, i will inform you of them upon acceptance of your commission request.

will draw
fictional characters · original characters · personas · ships · mild violence · NSFW
will not draw
proships · real people
2 characters max per commission.
i reserve the right to decline any commission request at my own discretion.

terms & conditions
- this form is for personal use commissions only. they are not to be redistributed or used for profit.
- for commercial use inquiries, contact me by email. commercial use does include youtube and/or twitch branding.
- i reserve the right to use the artwork any way i wish.
- the commissioner cannot claim a commission as their own artwork.
- payment is made via paypal invoice. a paypal account is not required to fulfill an invoice.
- payment is made in full after approval of sketch, unless agreed otherwise (negotiable for larger pieces).
- i do not provide refunds unless i am unable to finish a commission. please ensure you're committed before we start the commission process.
- after accepting a request, commissions are expected to take around a month. the commissioner will be informed if this changes.
- progress updates will be sent periodically to allow for small revision requests.
- final image will be sent as a png, via google drive link (unless requested otherwise).

thank you so much for your interest, please fill out the form below to submit a request! you're more than welcome to message/email me with any questions <3

Hello shopper! Here are links to each of my online payment accounts.